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About Me

I’m a UX Designer currently working with Tata Consultancy Services. Here, I make products simpler, friendlier and easier to use. My role cuts across various areas within the design process like requirement gathering, user research, wire framing, prototyping and user testing. It also involves liasoning with visual designers and developers to ensure the end product is in lines with the initial vision.

My career so far has been a mix of visual design, development and UX design. Here’s a quick snapshot of my journey so far.


I was introduced to design when I started playing around with 3DsMax. It was the first time I tried creating something from scratch on a computer and the feeling was ecstatic. I kept exploring new tools and techniques to create and never stopped since. The journey ahead included stumbling upon CorelDraw which I used to make branding elements for my college fest, picking up Photoshop and Illustrator to further enhance my skills. As I was pursuing my bachelors I used my spare time freelancing.


I then got my first job. It was at a startup called abreakplease.com where the founder was a developer. We were a small team which enabled a lot of knowledge sharing. It was here that I picked the very basics of html and css. Being yet another channel of creativity, it caught more than just my attention. I found myself spending way more time exploring the possibilities of web technologies. The front end made me curious about how the backend worked, so I picked up PHP and MySQL as well.

User Experience Design

After the start up, I worked for a small IT company named Sunlabs as a web designer. Here, my role cut across the entire end to end process from requirement gathering to development.

I realized that I loved the creative nature of design as well as the structured approach of code. I also realized that I enjoyed working with the web more than any other platform. I felt best leveraged when I could contribute to both esthetics as well as behind the scene mechanisms. It is here, that I realized my calling for User Experience Design. It felt like the only place where all my interests converge.

I now work at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a UX designer. I help various product teams make their products more user friendly and delightful. This involves a healthy mix of research as well as hands on design and consulting.


  1. Balsamiq Mockups

  2. Axure

  3. Justinmind

  4. CorelDraw

  5. Photoshop

  6. HTML / CSS

  7. Javascript

  8. PHP

  9. MySQL


  1. 6 Years


  1. Mumbai, India

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